Our children are the future leaders of Shelby County. Let’s raise them to be kind, critically thinking, creative, and financially-independent adults.

What You Get From JB Smiley, Jr:

Academic standards have changed drastically in recent years – a demonstration of the nation’s commitment to graduate children who can compete globally. Unfortunately for many children in District 8, they show up on the first day of kindergarten academically behind.

With parents who face unique socioeconomic challenges, in-home childhood education often takes a backseat to adults with multiple jobs to make ends meet, health challenges, single parenthood, or a lack of education themselves. This is why I will work to find an affordable way for our county to implement a quality pre-Kindergarten program for all of Shelby County’s youth.
As children advance through the education system, I will fight to ensure that the Shelby County School system receives the budget that it requires to properly meet needs in the classroom.

I will also fight to save (and expand) programs that teach technology, creative art, and life skills in traditional schools right in our neighborhoods so that parents don’t have to travel across town for a quality education.

Lastly, I will work hand-in-hand with the organizations that offer wrap-around support to families and after-hours opportunities to youth to instill a positive relationship with learning and critical thinking that will prepare our children for college and/or career after graduation.