A community that attracts quality retailers, restaurants, entertainment complexes, and affordable housing for its constituents is one that will surely thrive.

What You Get From JB Smiley, Jr:

For District 8, I will offer a comprehensive vision for community planning that leaves no neighborhood behind. We will continue the incredible revitalization that is happening in Downtown Memphis – but with greater transparency between the community and developers to further meet resident needs.

I will ensure that constituents in North and South Memphis feel the impact of revitalization in our parks, shopping centers, and throughout our blighted neighborhoods. Quality restaurants and vibrant entertainment districts attract small businesses, improve overall property values, and preserve resident pride.

Our community organizations throughout District 8 will be granted the necessary tools and support to fulfill missions that speak directly to the needs of the constituents.

Lastly, I’ll work relentlessly to ensure that no resident in District 8 is forced to travel more than one mile to access fresh, affordable, and healthy food to feed their families.