There is a correlation between crime and poverty, crime and stagnation, crime and lack of education… we must first address the roots of our issue before we attempt to critique what blooms.

What You Get From JB Smiley, Jr:

In District 8, we have some areas that have minor, irregular, and non-violent instances of crime. In other areas, we hear gun shots every night. Where we have crime, we also have an obvious need to address three basic needs.

As County Commissioner, I will work with existing organizations and businesses to help disconnected youth and young adults gain access to jobs. For those with a skills gap, I will work to connect these constituents with job skills training, community college, and financial aid support so that they may enroll in programs that teach employable skills.

I will also dedicate a tremendous amount of my efforts to rebuilding safe communities – with fun activities, entertainment centers, and attractive parks for family and friends to bond without the risk of fear or troublemaking.

Finally, I will fight for longer hours for after-school programs, community centers, and libraries – to allow parents who work full-time jobs to feel secure that their children are safe. They say it takes a village, and I will give our village the resources it needs.