When we eliminate the stigma and classism that equates homelessness to a neighborhood nuisance, we can address the long-range needs of our homeless neighborhoods who need a helping hand.

What You Get From JB Smiley, Jr:

As the Commissioner for District 8, I intend to be the advocate for all of my constituents’ needs – including the thousands of homeless residents who live downtown.

I will work with existing organizations to create safe havens for relief from domestic abuse, medical treatment and counseling, and temporary housing support for those with short-term needs – including safe, free housing for those with complicated needs.

I will also help Shelby County adopt comprehensive programs that help homeless families, veterans, and youth find long-term housing solutions, job skills training, government aid, and access to their basic needs like food and clothing.

Finally, I will fight to improve the tactics used to support our homeless youth, who are often treated like criminals despite the reality that they are often victims of damaged home environments, kidnapping, and sex trafficking.